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We help policy-makers and business leaders make strategic choices, manage risk and create future-ready organisations.

What we do

SOIF’s project and advisory services can help you position your organisation to take advantage of new opportunities while protecting you against shocks and surprises.

Gain insight about your future environment: spot upcoming trends and issues, risks and opportunities, and the new players in your field.

Build your capability: strengthen the skills of your senior decision-makers and staff, so they can create and lead future-ready organisations

Access latest expert advice: inform your good practice through our research, innovation and thought leadership

Connect and mobilise with others: draw upon, and support in turn, our wider community of practice and networks of change-makers to co-create a better future.

It’s brilliant, to bring together so many nationalities throughout the world, to think through these things in one place. It’s ten out of ten.

Executive Director African Public Policy & Research Institute

Gain Insight

If you are looking for insights, whether  the implications of particular issues, a strategic review, or seeking new sources of competitive advantage, our consultancy projects and custom events  can help you.

  • Explore the implications of themes or issues coming up on your radar
  • Conduct a strategic review
  • Rapid horizon scans or deep dives
  • Strategic navigation of possibilities, scenarios and options
  • Risk assessment and management – developing mitigation and response plans
  • Projects to drive innovation or build sector vision
  • Consultative projects to engage your stakeholders

Build your capability

SOIF provides skills development for individuals and teams through our executive training courses, sector foresight retreats, and mentoring programmes. While our audit reviews and advisory services can help you build organisational strengths and processes

  • Foresight audit to understand the ‘future-preparedness’ of your team or organisation
  • Support integrating foresight into strategy development, policy or risk management, or help to set up or enhance an existing function
  • Skills development, mentoring and training for individual, teams and organisations
  • Tailored training programmes to build your capability at a strategic, operational or executive level
  • Foresight modules for integration into a wider programme (e.g. MBA, executive master course)
  • Custom retreats and events including agenda design, speaker engagements and facilitation

Cat Tully’s leadership, thinking and insights were invaluable in helping Portland craft its proprietary strategy development process. Numerous clients, from governments to global philanthropies, have benefited from Portland’s rigorous approach to creating communications strategy.

Tony Orr, Senior Partner Portland
Cat Tully - IATA AGM

Access latest expert advice

Access expert advice and inform your good practice through our research, innovation and thought leadership:

  • Full or half-day strategy sessions for board, C-suite or senior management in private companies, industry bodies & NGOs
  • Government experts – our founders champion the growing use of foresight in governments including the UK (Prime Ministers Strategy Unit, GO-Science) and have advised many governments (including parliaments, ministries of planning, supreme audit commissions, regional bodies)
  • We promote an integration and innovation agenda: collecting evidence and comparative insights with new global practice in strategic planning, open government, future of democracy and SDGs (especially goal 16 “effective accountable and inclusive institutions”).
  • Drive new practice – innovate new methodology for impact, collect case studies, and cross-pollinate practice from different domains (e.g. actuary, intelligence, design, ecology)
  • SOIF offers access to case-studies, latest thinking in tools and methods, and interviews on insights from new practice around the world.  We continue to learn, research and build new approaches for the benefit of our clients

Connect and mobilise

If you are looking to inspire your community to collectively engage with your future, learn foresight or connect to other practitioners or trends experts, we want to help you:

  • Foresight retreats – a unique combination of capacity building, networking and coalition building, and conference. You can participate in our flagship annual retreat, or commission your own retreat focused on a specific geography or policy issue
  • Join our international network of over 400 alumni and 100 collaborators and access our online platform (SOIFSpace) to make new contacts
  • Benefit from peer-to-peer mentoring and networking opportunities

Course: Foresight on Africa

Interested in prospects for Africa? Want to navigate the future shape of risks and opportunities in the continent? If so, join us on a unique one-day executive course Foresight in Africa: Be prepared for the Future.

This course unites insights on future regional trends from UK Ministry of Defence’s Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre DCDC, with analysis of the current situation from top Warwick University academics. And SOIF will help you use our strategic foresight techniques for working out the ”so what” for your organisation’s strategy and risk management.

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Featured case studies

Future of Aviation 2035 IATA

A twelve month project exploring aviation out to 2035 with implications for IATA’s strategy today. This project combined a horizon scan with interviews and workshops to develop four scenarios for the future of the industry. Insights and implications have been used to inform IATA’s internal strategy as well as that of individual airlines.

Global Governance HM Government, UK

SOIF designed and facilitated a series of five roundtables, culminating in a high-level discussion on “the future of global governance” between senior UK Government officials and leading figures from outside government.

Capacity building UN-Habitat

SOIF were commissioned to advise UN-Habitat on how to build their internal foresight capability and integrate foresight into their work. As part of the project SOIF delivered workshops, training and developed a foresight handbook.

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