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We help policy-makers and business leaders make strategic choices, manage risk and create future-ready organisations

Our vision

Our vision is that individuals in organisations and communities across the world use strategic foresight to improve their lives professionally and personally.

What we do

SOIF exists to help you and your organisation navigate uncertainty and make resilient and better decision in an increasingly uncertain and complex world.

This is especially important as we look to solve systemic issues on a global stage –whether economic integration, resources or climate change – an ambition summed up in the Sustainable Development Goals.

After all, highly complex problems can only be solved using processes that are systemic, emergent and participatory.

Foresight has a unique capacity to allow people from different perspectives to come together and think together in a way that surfaces unexpected insights.

Marius Oosthuizen, Faculty: Strategic foresight GIBS Business School Participant at SOIF2015 foresight retreat

Our principles and approach

Our foresight work focuses on the transmission of insights about the future into decisions today. We design for impact, complexity and participation

Our learning journey and four-stage approach ensure you are aware of the essential components of successful foresight; how to design and implement strategic foresight and build the institutions and cultures they need to shape the future. This framework is supported by our seven principles.

Together they ensure that the end of any foresight journey is rooted in impact and real-world change.

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Who we are

We believe that foresight is a journey: one that we take as individuals as well as an organisational journey.

Effective foresight requires us all to continually explore the future and to expand our practice, learning from each other and sharing insights across disciplines.

When you engage with SOIF you join a passionate group of kindred spirits: our core team is the engine of SOIF, our travelling companions bring expertise to help us best support your foresight needs, and our lodestars advise and guide us.

Together we have worked to apply foresight and strategy at the highest levels of government, private and NGO sectors. As foresight and strategy experts, we have introduced strategic foresight to over 600 senior leaders from over 50 countries.

If you’re interested in joining SOIF, please click here for information of our current opportunities.


Very professional. Well designed and organised. High quality of faculty.

Scenario Planning Team Shell Global

SOIF and our favourite travellers

Ari Radi Cor Companion Graphic facilitator and designer
Andrew Curry Core team Director of Futures
Banning Garrett Banning Garrett Companion Specialist: China, technology and global trends
Cat Tully Cat Tully Core team SOIF Founder, Africa and Asia, National Security, Future of governance
Debbie Cooper Core team Coordinator
Ellen Shepherd Core team Project Manager and Researcher
Emma Bennett Core team Strategy Lead
Jim Dator (James Allen Dator) Lodestar Professor Emeritus and former Director of the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies
Johann Schutte Core team Foresight Specialist
Karen West Companion Pedagogy and ILM Quality Manager
Kathleen McCord Core team SOIF Administrator
Mat Burrows Lodestar Director, Strategic Foresight Initiative, Atlantic Council
Nicholas Colloff Lodestar Director, Argidius Foundation
Paul Davies Paul Davies Companion Specialist: Pedagogy and corporate impact
Paul Saffo Lodestar Forecaster
Pete Glenday Core team SOIF Director – Programmes and Research
Regina Joseph Companion Specialist: Superforecaster, decision-making and analytics
Rick Wolfe Companion
Rosemarie Forsythe Rosemarie Forsythe Lodestar Former Director, International Political Strategy at ExxonMobil
Sarah Spencer Core team NGFP and Retreats Coordinator

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