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There has never been a greater need for long-term thinking. In an increasingly uncertain and volatile world, School of International Futures exists to help organisations use foresight to impact decision-making today.

We can help you think differently – and confidently – about the future, and to develop the skills and insight you need to impact decision-making today.

Our approach

The School of International Futures is a treasure that anybody interested in managing for the future should not miss.

Director, Strategic Foresight Initiative Atlantic Council

Why you need foresight

Foresight is not about predicting the future, but understanding your current and future operating environment. Insights gained from foresight equip organisations to recognise and respond to emerging threats and opportunities by developing enhanced competitiveness, resilience and agility.

Practical foresight with impact

For foresight to have impact, it needs to be conceived from the outset with the decision-maker, policy-maker, or other client of the work in mind. SOIF’s practical four-stage –  Scoping, Ordering uncertainty, Implications and Integrating Futures – has been developed to ensure our clients as well as new foresight users gain practical benefits that will impact their goals.

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Very professional. Well designed and organised. High quality of faculty.

Scenario Planning Team Shell Global

Our services

SOIF’s services can help you position your organisation to take advantage of new opportunities while protecting you against shocks and surprises.

  • Gain insight about your future environment: spot upcoming trends and issues, risks and opportunities, and the new players in your field.
  • Build your capability: strengthen the skills of your senior decision-makers and staff, so they can create and lead future-ready organisations
  • Access latest expert advice: inform your good practice through our research, innovation and thought leadership
  • Connect and mobilise with others: draw upon, and support in turn, our wider community of practice and networks of change-makers to co-create a better future.

Our services

Join us this August for SOIF2017

The School of International Futures flagship retreat returns for its sixth year. Join us as we take on a geopolitical live challenge and gain insight into our other two themes: the future of skills and education and lean foresight: fast and slow.

Learn foresight with impact and build your personal practice through a unique combination of capacity building, networking and coalition building, and conference.

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From 14 April, to meet growing demand for foresight, School of International Futures (SOIF) and Soif-Horizons – a new company – will branch out in new directions, extending the reach of our activities.

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