School of International Futures

What is SOIF?

The School of International Futures (SOIF) is a not-for-profit institution created to support the use of Strategic Foresight by international policy officials, business leaders, analysts and activists. SOIF Consulting puts the School’s expertise and resources to work more widely, across the public and private sectors.

The key to confident decision-making and successful strategy is the ability to imagine and plan for different future scenarios: SOIF’s bespoke courses, retreats, coaching and advisory services help you to create a bright future for your organisation.

We can help you:

  • Scan your strategic horizon
  • Analyse and address upcoming issues
  • Assess and strengthen your Strategic foresight capability
  • Create a real-world impact

SOIF’s Vision

Policy-makers and business leaders make better decisions when informed by strategic foresight, resulting in greater prosperity, security and well-being.

SOIF’s Way of Working

  • Build a community and foster links internationally
  • Host conferences, seminars, training events focusing on foresight approaches and practical tools
  • Convene foresight activities involving multiple partners or countries, support foresight studies and develop foresight capacity

Who are we?

Alun Rhydderch

Alun Rhydderch

Cat Tully

Cat Tully

Founded by Cat Tully and Alun Rhydderch in January 2012, SOIF is a world leader in Strategic foresight.

Alun was part of the team that set up the UK’s Horizon Scanning Centre, which since 2005 has helped put analysis of future trends and scenario planning at the heart of the strategy process in UK government. Cat, as project director in the UK FCO’s Strategy Unit and in the PM’s Strategy Unit, championed the application of these tools to British foreign policy. Together with a wide network of SOIF experts, Cat and Alun tailor training and consulting services to the clients they support: international organisations, universities, government ministries and agencies, not-for-profit and private sector organisations.

They draw on a wealth of experience leading and implementing strategy and foresight projects in more than 30 countries. Their research extends from foresight tools and techniques to setting up a foresight unit, public participation in strategy development, the role of social networks, and anticipatory governance.

Background to SOIF

Founded in January 2012, the School of International Futures was conceived to meet the growing interest in the use of strategic foresight among international policy officials, business leaders, analysts and activists. Interest in foresight among the international policy community has grown in this period of financial and geopolitical turbulence. Foresight provides a way of apprehending and addressing uncertainties associated with demographic, environmental, economic and resource challenges, and the increasing interconnectedness of societies and nations.

In such a context, it is clear that we need to build resilience in the face of new and often complex risks. At the same time, this uncertain environment offers new reasons and opportunities to work together to build prosperity, security and well-being.

A not-for-profit enterprise, the School of International Futures aims to help governments and other organisations work towards such goals by developing international networks and partnerships. It operates as a centre for research into global trends, runs courses bringing together participants from different countries, and organises seminars and conferences, working together with the international futures community.

An introduction to SOIF


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