What is SOIF?

The School of International Futures (SOIF) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation based in the UK but operating around the world. We give policy officials, business leaders, analysts and activists the tools and techniques to become better commissioners and users of strategic foresight.

At SOIF retreats and courses, you join a global network of foresight professionals who imagine the future together. You receive advice and insights from world experts who have already used foresight to make a difference in the world, you learn the SOIF Four-stage foresight process and you gain the skills to plan a future of prosperity, security and wellbeing for your organisation.

SOIF helps you to think differently – and confidently – about the future.

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With the world becoming ever more unpredictable, it’s important there is a place that teaches strategic foresight and planning.  The School of International Futures is a treasure that anybody interested in managing for the future should not miss.

Mathew J. Burrows

Director, Strategic Foresight Initiative at the Atlantic Council

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We can help you:

  • Scan your strategic horizon
  • Analyse and address upcoming issues
  • Assess and strengthen your Strategic foresight capability
  • Create a real-world impact

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